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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Memaw's Birthday Giveaway

As promised, this is my giveaway!
I love making these!
This one is blue and white and so soft and cuddly.
Here are the rules, because you know that you have to have rules.
1. You must post your entry by commenting on this post.
2. You must be a follower of this blog.
Now, here's the catch.
I won't add anything to the first place winner this time as I did last time,
For every 50 entries (followers)
I will add another knitted cowl.
2nd, 3rd, etc prize.

I better get knitting.

Giveaway ends February 13th.
Why then?
That was my Memaw's birthday, she gave me my love of yarn!


  1. Coolio! That's a very pretty cowl. I wish I knew how to knit.

    Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm a follower.


  2. I think this is a really nice cowl!! I wish I could knit and you seem to make them so quickly! Good thing for your Memaw!!!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Love the cowl. Your always busy doing something!!!


  4. Love the cowl, Cathy...and all of your other creations!

  5. Pretty cowl! Never wore one but would love to try the look.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  7. I would love to win too. Please enter me.

  8. Wow, the cowl is lovely - I have never seen anything like it and would love to win! It would go nicely with my black pea coat! I'm already a follower - thanks so much for offering this!

  9. How beautiful! Please enter me, I'm a follower.


  10. Cathy, you've been blessed with such a variety of talents! The Lord is good! I'm thankful you share your gifts with others... please add me too!

  11. I have a gorgeous multicolored one for my fushia wool coat...Thank you Cathy...I'll have to model it and post! I love it!! Whomever wins will LOVE this one too!!
    patti :) I'm not signing up for the giveaway!! :)

  12. Hi Cathy, please enter me.. this cowl is beautiful.. and after the winter we are having I can definately use it...

  13. Happy Birthday Memaw!! I would love to win one of your cowls, it looks so warm for our very cold winter days!!:0) thank you for the giveaway!!

  14. that's beautiful Cathy.. you do such pretties with the knitting.. thot I was already following this but.. guess now!!

  15. This is so cute....I am actually going to try to make one...I am not a great knitter so it would probably be a better idea if I won one....hahaha.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  16. delited to follow ")
    and delited to wear this beauty!
    no question, with our -35 degree days!!
    thx for the opp...

  17. I can knit, but very basic things...THIS is lovely!! Thanks for the precious giveaway!!!

  18. What a beautiful cowl Cathy, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway. Here's my comment and I am a follower of your selling blog. I posted a link to your giveaway at my blog so you better get knitting!! Thanks for the opportunity, Deb

  19. Enter me, enter me! I want to wear mine like I saw Gracelyn wearing Aunt Shelbys' a queen's sash!! They are really nice Cathy...and I am definitely a non-knitter.

  20. Beautiful..
    Please enter me in your give away.
    I am a follower.

  21. Wow absolutely beautiful!! I still have the amazing 2 man saw that you painted for my mom!

  22. Hi Cathy,. Didn't realize you had a new blog. I love these type of scarves! We call them infinity scarves. I hope I win! :)

  23. Hi Cathy just found your site you do beautiful works of art. please enter me in your giveaway. I will post it on my sidebar. debbiesdodads.

  24. Hi just found your Blog via debbiesdodads. I would love a chance to win on your giveaway...specialy now that I am a incapacitated knitter....for a while anyway.
    Not sure if I qualify as I am in the Uk but I have become a Follower anyway:)

  25. Ooooh, that cowl looks warm! I would wear it on my winter beach walks. Sign me up, I'm a follower.

  26. Hi Cathy, I'm commenting and I'm following, can I enter please? Love your set up here on Tolentreasures Depot! ~Ann

  27. Please enter me, I would love to have
    love to have one of these to keep
    me warm!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  28. Good Morning, Cathy,
    It would be fun to win one of your cowls...believe it or not, I don't actually have one for myself. The girls each have two...and the rest are in my shop!

    Happy Valentines ~Natalie

  29. I just signed up to follow. I already follow your blog and just love your work, Cathy.

    If I were to win one of these wonderful cowls, I would ask you to send it to my dear sister who is freezing her b--- off in Wisconsin.

    I'm in Mexico - no ice and snow here!